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Photo Courtesy of the CCF, donated by ASDC of GBThis site is a celebration of the Anatolian Shepherd Dog and a continuous work in progress. An anthology of sorts, with tidbits, photos, archives and other materials and resources from Anatolian fanciers around the world.

Much has happened since the late 1930's, when Turkish government sent the first Anatolian Shepherds to the United States government to be used in the first 'sheepdog' studies.

Now Anatolians are working all over the world, from Africa to the United States to successfully protect livestock from predation.

A very special project which involves the breed is the Cheetah Conservation Fund (CCF). Visit the "store" at the link above to make donations or to "adopt" a Cheetah or an Anatolian. The photos on this page are courtesy of the CCF.

CCF has a livestock guardian dog project which breeds and provides Anatolian Shepherd Dogs to natives who are raising livestock for the subsistence of their families and villages. Through the use of the dogs, natives have become able to contribute to Cheetah conservation efforts. Please visit the site to see what they have to say about their Anatolian program.

Zanta and her CCF puppies
CCF Project's ASD breeding program:
Zanta with her litter of puppies, all of which have been placed by CCF.

It is hoped that some of the information on this site will help give a working understanding, perspective and perhaps historical insight into the land-race breed that is known internationally as the "Anatolian Shepherd Dog".

The names "Anatolian Shepherd Dog", "Çoban Köpegi", "Chien de berger d'Anatolie", "Anatolischer Hirtenhund", and "Perro de pastor de Anatolia" are all derivative of a known fact - these dogs are the 'shepherd's dog' evolved from the historical region of Anatolia. All names reflect understanding and respect for this dog as one which comes from a long standing working heritage that predates our time - truly the working dog of shepherds.

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Anatolian Breed book by Beauchamp

Farm Signs: Livestock Guardian Dogs on Duty
Livestock Guardian Dog Farm Signs Available

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