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Natalka traveled throughout Turkey, keeping journals and 'dog logs'.

Natalka felt that the best examples of true working dogs were found in remote regions which were often impossible to reach without 'roughing it' with the elements. One could sometimes be delayed for days, for often there were no roads and the Land Rover would become trapped in mud, snow, or otherwise impassible terrain. Creature comforts during these travels were few -- bedding down in a freezing Land Rover not unknown; journeying to the tiniest settlements to stay for a few days, living in the most humble of abodes, making friends and truly listening...

Natalka did not ask leading questions. She listened. She would follow wherever a conversation would lead. She didn't approach her travels nor her visits with her hosts with the notion of TELLING them that she looking for "___": for if asked, her gracious hosts, no matter how poor, hosts would be agreeable, generously accomodating and would be pleased to listen to their guest and oblige with carried presumptions, and thus cast a bias to any information gathered.

She wrote about people, how they lived, and of course, she wrote of the dogs. She often took photographs to keep with her notations. Excerpts from her journals make a wonderful travelogue and some of these have been generously provided to be shared here.

Turkey-map.jpg (57965 bytes)

A topographic map showing a portion of Northern Eastern Turkey which is featured in this part of the journal can be seen here.

The rugged appearance of these dogs, and the striking regularity with which fawn and the black mask appears, all over Turkey seems to suggest that one could be a bit more circumspect with claims . The uniformity of these dogs, their size, and working ability speaks volumes. But is there anyone really listening?

--The pages from the journal are not in a particular order here. Therefore, the regions described on the following pages are not necessarily in the neighborhood of the preceding or following pages.The journals and one 'dog log' shown here have been copied from Natalka's notes with capitalizations where she made these, some quirky abbreviations are given additional notes in square brackets [], some places where copy is illegible to this page author, a question mark is added. --


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