Anatolian World

Excerpt: Natalka's Journals


ANATOLIA enjoys a Continental Climate, very cold winters and hot hot summers. All made bearable as it is so DRY. Sheep grazing on high "Alp" meadow in January. Sparse vegetation is very nutritious.

Fox and Hare are rare- the wolves have eaten them all.

If there is no wind it may be as "warm" as -2'C at mid-day, but drop to -42'C at night. So long walk to a shelter is imperative. Note shepherds are well wrapped up.

Travelers and donkey

Donkey needs no head-gear, it is controlled by voice and "nudges". Man in middle is Ives C. (French) on his 1st trip - overwhelmed and semi-rebellious at all the ... "difference". But hands out cigs as instructed.

Note S.E. facing rocks have been "blown clean" of snow, which forms dunes on N.W. slopes.

Fat-tail Sheep

FAT TAILED sheep are hardy beyond belief. They will soon drop their lambs and be milked for many weeks.

The lambs are kept "in" and only join the flock (to graze) after milking stops. They are allowed to nurse for short periods AM & PM though, and fed extra rations early.

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