Anatolian World

Excerpt: Natalka's Journals
Fawn female and brindle brother At the foot of Mt. Ararat (Noah's Ark traditionally came to rest on it.)

Young BRINDLE male, his fawn sister and...

[ Below ] their MATURE longer coated sire, dominating the village (note Brindle markings on head).

Longer coated sire He is on his owners house, on the roof, a hollowed out trunk serves to drain a higher portion, as in prehistoric times.

Photographer is atop a clay clad fuel store (dried manure) across the street, moving very slowly, as the older dogs eyes get narrower & narrower... He looks like one of those that "move" first, bark later..

Mature male w clay house in background Below: Mature Fawn Male, with a clay house in background, and on the steps of his owners "modern" house, where he becomes VERY PROTECTIVE. The low clay house was surprisingly large, airy, clean and WARMER than the stone built modern variety.

Hot tea in both v. welcome!

Mature Male on doorstep
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