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Excerpt: Natalka's Journals
Eastern Turkey Magic Moment - Winter Sunrise in High Mts. E.T. [EasternTurkey]

Sheep eat chopped straw with a few grains of barley then have to "scratch" in those horrid hills, having fed lambs first! Note FAT tails still fat!

DARK RED dogs blend with such a flock.

Veiled woman (mine host) waits to let out lambs, knows EVERY ONE - if lost, matches them up instantly. A basket of newly hatched goslings "peeped" all night by my double featherbed.

Patrol Dogs Dogs patrol area before sheep start for Mts. - on discovering stranger: charged as a pack! but soon got bored with immobile"pillar of salt". Only then could photography resume. Alas, pics of the "charge" were out of focus due to fright perhaps.. as MOST impressive!

Note excellent winter coats on all. Some have cropped ears but not all. Much interplay noted, as dogs were from different households, so some semi-threats were being issued. The brown stuff is winter-fuel, for the iron stoves and WONDERFULLY warming it is too.

Warning Patrols
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