Anatolian World

Excerpt: Natalka's Journals
Boys with shepherd dogs YOUNG BROTHERS with shepherd boys, Eastern Turkey, April 1980.

The Red Fawn has faint Brindle markings, the White has had his head dragged around so I can see his nose. Both in THICK winter coat.

Seven dogs had been culled the day before, I agreed with reasons for every one of them. Those left were excellent examples.

Men and dogs used roof-tops (flat) to walk on, as "street" knee deep in mud (churned by hoof.)

Camouflage I Camouflage II

Above: two examples of good camouflage on rocks in new snow, High Mts. in E. Turkey, May 1980.

The fawn male may be darker in his summer coat, later. The Tri. is a bitch. Both really big.

Male in spike collar Left: rather small old male, with "iron wrought" collar, on hard packed snow.

Note stairs to balcony snowed up. A well built animal, may have grown more if owners not so poor.

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