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Excerpt: Natalka's Journals
Inspecting bite Inspecting "bite" absolutely vital- if undershot noted, move many miles AT ONCE!

Bad bite harder to breed out even than HD geneticists say.

On this trip over 60 jaws inspected (researcher was vaccinated for Rabies). These two young males are 9 months, a week later returned and obtained their brother. Note bitch = 1/2 sister, ASLANA, now in France (Same sire, as dogs)

She grew quite a lot later, despite having an early litter (by Hisar HARDAL, in France).

Boys holding dogs Boys run out and oblige by holding onto dogs, in same village. Two young Tricolor brothers and two puppy bitches.

The dark stuff in the foreground is winter-fuel (sheep droppings) gives much heat & NO smoke. The young males in this pic are both wearing spiky collars. This village used to have no decent dogs years ago, till predator pressure increased recently. Now they are splendid!

Standing between visitors and flock

Superb mature male stations himself protectively between stranger & his flock, who hurry to barn, 1/2 undersoil at nightfall. His winter wool is on and for maximum protection against intense cold. Only a very well fed dog can grow such a coat. His is the ONLY dog of his shepherd owner, VERY steady, avoids scraps with crowd of youngsters.

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