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Excerpt: Natalka's Journals
Natalka offering bread [Images didn't scan well - sorry!]

A good solid working dog, note: LEVEL BACK - NECK -TOP - line.

Note also: no shallow thin loins here! This dog is warning off stranger, while photographer crouches behind this foolish person.

Fortunately dry bread is accepted, as usual. Despite very thick down-lined arctic suit from Finland.

The dogs coat "looks" short, it is not. The wool is thick, which makes him look "fatter" than he really is. Note ribs show.

Two below are in same village. January 1988. ALTAY AND ASLANA come from here. ASLANA is now in France, getting her lady owner to agree was v. difficult.

Stay away! Another "stay away from me" AND my charges (there were a few sheep with lambs about).

This male is probably related to ASLANA, who resembles him.

It was bitterly cold. Much building going on, so one presumes absent men, working in towns?(perhaps abroad) are sending money to pay for it. Would you say this dogs head is "flat"? ?? As he has politely dropped his ears, his round skull shows well.

Old dog Old dog investigating a back yard. Note well healed old battle-scars on hind legs, places wolves often go for. Rough addition to house is a garage, may be a tiny work-shop one day.

D.I.Y. [do-it-yourself] flourishes, and incredible ingenuity is displayed. MOST things mechanical can be "fixed".

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