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Excerpt: Natalka's Journals
Male in snow This male has endured 6 months of frost & snow, including a severe blizzard the night before. TARKAN had such a coat when imported. but every time grew one less long & thick in UK.
In Eastern Turkey near AGRI, May 198?.

Long coat is recessive and has to be SELECTED FOR. In this village the majority were Long Coated, but not all.

NOTE: Dog is NOT threatening photographer - but angry with the "other" strangers... (Note spots on legs.)
Bad tempered powerful male, chained to a huge tyre which was his "kennel" in bad weather. This huge dog was in very good condition despite sparse diet and murderous climate. During the spring "freeze-thaw" there was deep mud by day, hard iron frost by night & a few snow blizzards too.

A flock of cranes which had come a bit early, stood about forlornly with tall "hats" of snow on their heads...

Other dogs in village were fawn with short coats, but had to dig "dens" in snow at night, or hide in outhouses, sheep-sheds etc, from the awful night cold.

Thick coat In January it is often -42'C at night as frequently announced on Television.

Young grey-fawn male with good thick winter wool and slightly shorter "guard-hairs" eating stale bread offered. He too is chained to an Aircraft tyre, possibly from AGRI Air Base. This type of kennel is very popular in Mts.

Clean snow fell-blew last night. (Expedition slept in Land Rover.)

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