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Excerpt: Natalka's Journals
Male and puppy on roof Male (sire) & his puppy son, on roof of communal village house (as in Tibet) all families adjoining, with 3 common smoke outlets (base of one seen here) to conserve warmth. In high Mountains on Iran border, April 1980, just before snow fell that night).

Road so narrow, population had to turn out and LIFT land-rover & trailer, to let us back out.

Other dogs in this place were short-haired (2 whites, one fawn) but sheltered in doorways.

Photographer was "thawed out" in men's Club Room, with hot tea by fire.

Central Anatolia - male Central Anatolian Mts, Jan 1988, nr Malatye, only superior dog in village, out with flock & boys, had to be "sent for" so could photograph. Note new big bite on leg, healing well.

Standing on liquid slush, with ICE beneath, car could NOT make it up hill due to this, so we walked to village.

Snow-drifts had cut off further ones and more snow expected, so people who go "visting" may be cut off for a few weeks, till things improve (till snow hardens).
People incredibly hospitable, as usual. Hard to get away.

Family of Anatolians Flock has been scratching on hill all day, now hurry to shelter, ice had to be broken on trough.

Left to R: 2 brothers, Sire, YAZDIK, his 1/2 brother(a brindle) & YILDIZ curled up.

Sire was much BIGGER than progeny who are 9 months old here.

Below: YAZDIK in quarantine, with eyes open, due to lack of cutting icy wind...

Yazdik in UK Quarantine

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