Anatolian World

Excerpt: Natalka's Journals
Squinting in the wind Mature male squintng in icy wind. He had been sleeping under hay-stack till disturbed.

Objected to click of camera, had to be held so photographer could withdraw. Stone wall is HIS yard boundary in summer, HIS lamb flock will graze within.

Houses well spaced out plenty of room for ALL flocks, if need be. Flat roof is a favorite lookout point of dogs, in milder weather.

Come no closer! This mature male eats dry crust offered, but CLEARLY warns "come NO closer".

Did see his teeth eventually, (boy held him).

They were perfect, as all dogs in this huge village still entirely dependent on flocks.

Note solid body & compare with "zoo dogs" -- relations of much UK stock...

(track to this place NOT sign-posted though they seemed almost self sufficient. Some had worked in Germany, but were NOT happy about it.)

Male and pinto bitch Absolutely splendid mature bitch (sitting) also just had pups & all destroyed, as too needed for work.

In high Mts., with biddable male, (same village on top pic.)

Every household had at least two able-bodied BIG flock-guards, mostly males. One nursing bitch seen, very fine, rangy, terribly thin, rearing 3. It would probably kill her in time..... She was dark fawn, most pale fawn, one bitch & one young male- quite dark.

People proud and dignified, settled in their ways.

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