Anatolian World

Excerpt: Natalka's Journals
-from one of the 'dog logs'

TURKEY, afternoon 12th February, 1977

East of IPSALA (border town)

Dog Saga

  1. Saw one chunky brindle (small flock of sheep).
  2. Saw big (?) all yellow one with small boy and sheep in scrub.
  3. Small yellow (young ?) by road, pale patches, winter coat.
  4. Decent all yellow old male in village by the road, cropped ears, trotting.
  5. Meki sized grey, young male, 2 miles on, trotting.
  6. Very dark grey with Tricolour, both these dogs lying down near sheep.
  7. Smallish yellow and tricolour and sheep grazing on meadow near me.
  8. Young dun dog with black mask lying by sheep.
  9. Yellow dog, cropped ears asleep by road outside TEKIRDAG.
  10. Chunky tricolour observes man and car and small Alsation in SULTANKDY by the sea.
  11. Big tricolour asleep in field with sheep - woke - had black mask.
  12. All cream (like Yali) by sheep, black mask. So far only 3-4 'house dogs' (2 with much Coban blood).
  13. Dogs on winter corn; two grey and one yellow, smallish.
  14. Grey bitch and yellow pup with black mask - investigating rubbish.

Sleep at Petrol Station.

13th February, 1977

Used up last drop of water for coffee and teeth. Snow on Mountains. Start 6.10am, no telephone here. I am nervous lest Omar goes out early Sunday ? morning. 6 unsuitable dogs here too - makes us shift! At Ataturk Mausoleum we are to meet Fahn.

Story of the Bear (one year old) - My father arranged a small zoo by the hospital and we used to go in his cage and play with him. But children kept poking him with sticks and he escaped and broke into empty house. The soldier - keeper - caught him again and the dogs set upon him, one stood behind him and did not bark and suddenly got him by the neck and he would not let him go. We had to shoot him five times (small guns). Now he is a tug in our flat in Ankara.

Helicopter wolf hunt with General Orham - nr Erzinjan. Shot two big wolves, very pretty place, marvelous dogs - attached to helicopter are the dead wolves, instinctive hate, dogs would not leave them alone.

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