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part 2 - Pure Kangal breeding?

Red Kangals? Rough coated Kangals?

Sue Kocher, among other Kangal breeders, adamantly claims that pure Kangals are pale fawn and cannot produce red dogs, yet her own stud Sivas Regal Pasha is turning into ’golden’ – whatever that means.

One particular pale fawn Kangal stud (Muserref Kaya's Kahraman) in Germany has a red sister, who produces red puppies. By following the logic of Sue Kocher's statement, we must therefore conclude that this stud is not a pure Kangal.

We know that at least one of this Kangal stud's daughters has been exported to Australia (to Anne Nippers), where she has been used for breeding. So, again, by following the Kangal breeders' own definition the stud is not purebred -> his daughter is not purebred -> his daughter's litters are not purebred. None of them are "pure Kangals". 

To follow the above stated facts and the definitions made by the Kangal breeders themselves to its logical conclusion ->
The whole "Western Kangal Recovery Program" is bogus.

How many dogs in this 'recovery' program are there without any drop of Mektup's blood? Or the German Kangal's blood? Or blood from Kalkan Kadir Teshub , the rough coat from UK Kangal lines? Or other 'foundation' Kangal stock with phenotype at odds with the "Kangal Breed Standard"?

If these dogs aren't pure, then how can breeding them 'improve' their 'purity'?

Kamish Kalkan Kadir Teshub (mentioned above) was bred by Mrs Sheila Reed/KAMISH - a breed specialist judge and the ex-chairman of the Anatolian Karabash Dog Club of GB.

Teshub (sired by of Yoruk X Safkan of Kangal at Kamish) was born 14th Oct 1982 in a litter of 6 pups, of which 3 were very rough coated. He was sold to Dr Peggy Withoff-Keus/ANADOL, was a multiple show winner and sired at least 5 litters on 4 bitches:

  1. 1984 on Hisar Yarin (5 KC reg pups)
  2. 1984 on his own sister Kamish Kehlibar Kanyak (6 KC reg pups)
  3. 1985 on Marchael Güzel (9 KC reg pups)
  4. 1985 on Truvas Tepki (4 KC reg pups)
  5. 1986 on Hisar Yarin (2 KC reg pups)

Hisar Yarin (fawn/black mask) was owned by Ms Pauline Hosker/TRUVAS.

Teshub's litterbrother Kamish Kibirli Kabil at SEACOP was fawn (no mask) & short coated, but carried and produced rough coats. He sired at least 8 litters:

  1. 1983 on Seacop Kesmek (5 KC reg pups)
  2. 1983 on Seacop Yosun (7 KC reg pups)
  3. 1984 on Seacop Kartal (4 KC reg pups)
  4. 1984 on Seacop Kesmek (2 KC reg pups)
  5. 1984 on Seacop Karaya (1 KC reg pups)
  6. 1985 on Seacop Seyer-Sal (5 KC reg pups)
  7. 1988 on Seacop Tipa Kayik (3 KC reg pups)
  8. 1988 on Seacop Esmer (4 KC reg pups)

Teshub's litterbrother Kamish Korucu Kamil was very rough coated. He was sold to Mrs Van Puffelen and sired at least one litter in 1984 on Hisar Tarhana (-> 8 KC reg pups).

Teshub's littersister Kamish Kehlibar Kanyak at ANADOL had at least 5 litters:

  1. 1984 sired by full brother Teshub (6 KC reg pups)
  2. 1985 sired by tri Anadol Nimrud (6 KC reg pups)
  3. 1986 sired by tri Anadol Nimrud (only 1 KC reg pup)
  4. 1986 sired by Truvas Telli Berbek (2 KC reg pups)
  5. 1988 sired by Hancer Emirali of Daracaller (imp) (5 KC reg pups)

Teshub's littersister Kamish Kadife Kara (short coated, but produced some rough coats) was kept by the breeder. An example of one litter sired by Marchael Felaket at Kamish:

  1. Kamish Melek Koruyan
  2. Kamish Meram at Iradene (sold to Australia!)
  3. Kamish Meziyet
  4. Kamish Muavin (sold to Sweden!)
  5. Kamish Muhntazir
  6. Kamish Sevgilmek
  7. Kamish Shan

By breeding dogs from known rough coat carriers together with dogs carrying red colour (both disqualifying phenotypes) CAN the Kangal breeders claim that they are breeding with ’pure’ Kangals?

Why aren't they breeding with the 'pure ones' if they have any?


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