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part 3 - Pure Kangal breeding?

Are there Pedigree Kangals in Germany?

Seacop Tulu - her sire is the famous Seacop Yosun Tosun and the dam is Karabiber Alize via Seacop. She has Safkan of Kangal at Kamish in her pedigree on both sides - this dog definitely carries the rough coat gene. And she has Capar of Anadol from Seacop 5 times in her Gt.Gt Grandparents line - 3 times in Yosun Tosun's line and 2 times in Karabiber Alize. Also on Karabiber Alize side through Seacop Ruzgar/Kamish Miras/Marchael Felaket at Kamish there is Havali Oyna Bora. Havali Oyna Bora is out of Anadol Nimrud (tricolour) X Havali Bayan who is out of Anadol Yali (carrier of tricolours & whites) X Mektup of Obruk (tricolour). There is also a good dose of the original pair Gazi of Bakirtollukoyu X Sabahat of Hayiroglukoyu.

Seacop Tolga Altin - he has many doses of Capar of Anadol and the original pair, Gazi of Bakirtollukoyu X Sabahat of Hayiroglukoyu. In his pedigree there is also Chakal of Deliktash at Masallah, a carrier of rough coat.

Kahraman Alim Talihli 'Lilly' (bred in Norway) - her dam, Afacan Koya, is a sister to the famous Henry (Afacan Izan). Ceylan (Bruchhauser Wall) - her aunt is red, a 'kangal' bitch producing red 'kangal' puppies? More about Henry's pedigree and relationship to Lilly on the next page.

[HUMOR: Lilly's photos are used on some Kangal pages to illustrate the pure 'kangal' breed and the photos show her winning at FCI shows where she is shown as an Anatolian Shepherd Dog. She has no Kangal dog papers, and has multicolored and rough coated ancestors.]

What about Australian Kangals’ pedigrees?

Keneven Cala (dam of Stockguard Rakip) is out of Kamish Muzaffer Khan X Kara Safkan.

Kamish Muzaffer Khan is sired by Marchael Felaket at Kamish X Safkan of Kangal at Kamish. Marchael Felaket at Kamish is sired by Havali Oyna Bora X Kanjik Karpus Marchael. Havali Oyna Bora is sired by Anadol Nimrud (tricolour) and Havali Bayan, who is sired by Anadol Yali of Hisar and Mektup of Obruk. Havali Oyna Bora's brother was the famous 'Scoobie' (Havali Kibar Melik), a very handsome pinto! And, as a recessive trait - the pinto colouring had to be carried by both of his parents, which means, also by the solid fawn 'Kangal' Anadol Yali of Hisar.

Kamish Meram at Iradene (sire of Stockguard Clyde) is sired by Marchael Felaket at Kamish (with all the same pedigree as Keneven Cala) X Kadife Kara from Kamish who is sired by Yoruk X Safkan of Kangal at Kamish.

Seacop Tipi (dam of Stockguard Clyde) is sired by Kibirli Babil X Secop Yosun. Kibirli Kabil is sired by Yoruk X Safkan of Kangal at Kamish. Seacop Yosun is sired by Seacop Gemici El-Torro X Konya Sevim, who is the daughter of Gazi of Bakirtollukoyu and Sabahat of Hayiroglukoyu, the two original imports into the UK in 1965 by Charmian Steele - from Konya (not Sivas).

The pedigree of Cordannao Kahraman has within it a dog called Kurtkir Kahhar. This dog is one of eleven puppies born in quarantine sired by Chakal of Deliktash at Masallah X Kalkan of Deliktash. Imported by Mrs. Margaret Mellor and Mrs Chris Emmett. These dogs occur frequently in the pedigrees of other dogs. A bitch from this litter, Kurtkir Ceylan, was bred to another fawn black masked dog called Tuzlali Remzo and that breeding produced rough coats, whites and tricolours.

The other dogs that appear heavily are Capar of Anadol (later Capar of Anadol from Seacop), imported by Dr Withoff. Sefkan of Kangal at Kamish, imported by Sheila Reed/Chris Emmett. Chakal of Deliktash at Masallah imported by Margaret Mellor. Havuz Mustafa Sefkan and Kara Safkan imported by Mr Doherty (Ireland). All of these dogs were imported during the 1980's. Atak of Sevret X Elief of Hafik were imported by John Lloyd in 1968. Korumak Sultan X Korumak Musa were imported by Aston in 1969. (later exported to USA). They have all been incorporated in one way or another in many Australian pedigrees.

Konya, Seacop, Marchael, Anadol, Truvas, Kamish, Masallah, Kurtkir, Korumak, Karabiber, Afacan - they all are/were Karabash/Kangal kennels.

Some Truvas Kangal puppies and another picture of these 'pure' Kangals.
Did you know that Anatolian pups can weigh well over 50 pounds at four months? These pups were destroyed by their Karabash/Kangal breeders at approximately that age. 



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