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part 5 - Pure Kangal breeding?

Selective breeding & size of litters

Anadol Gul Gibi of Afacan was bred to two other dogs before Seacop Gaius (who produced Henry). First she was mated to Havus Mustafa Safkan (Imp) and produced only one puppy - Afacan Zerrin - who was never bred from and never seen.

Next she was bred to Kurtkir Maraba - this mating resulted in six puppies - Goguk, Gulizar, Gulluk, Gunes, Garam and Gigi. None bred from and none ever seen in public. Kurtkir Maraba goes back to Havali Oyna Bora, who is sired by Anadol Nimrud X Havali Bayan who is sired by Anadol Yali X Mektup. On dams side he is sired by a bitch imported by Chris Emmett in 1984 called Emel of Chamorlu at Kurtkir. This bitch was bred twice, once to Havali Oyna Bora and once to Mellor’s import Cengiz Kankardesh of Masallah.

Her third mating was to Seacop Gaius - among other produce were the tricolour Henry (Izan), Koya, Ulumak (whom Pat Broadhead has used in her breeding), Komando, Nisan, etc. Komando is owned by Judy Chappell and mated to one of the 'pure bred' Kangal dogs imported into the UK from Germany - Ayse Kangal-Laika Bruchhauser Wall, who was barely one year old at the time of breeding (hip score 37). She and Komando had 4 puppies, progeny has no matings recorded so far.

Henrys litter brother at Seacop - Afacan Ulumak - has been bred twice, both times to Seacop dogs. First Seacop Tawni -> four puppies. Second to Seacop Kandil -> only one puppy. None bred from or seen. Seacop Tawni goes back on both sides to Gazi & Sabahat. Seacop Kandil goes back to Gazi & Sabahat and Safkan of Kangal at Kamish on one side and Mellor’s Chakal of Deliktash at Masallah. Safkan and Chakal carry the rough coat gene.

Seacop Tolga Altin and Seacop Tulu both go back to Gazi & Sabahat, Mektup & Yali.

Main observation is the small litters and the progeny very seldom bred from, seen or heard of again.

Pat Broadhead's (Seacop Kangals) advertisement in Our Dogs Annual 1986 proudly states:

" ... Since we started breeding we have bred in excess of 300 pups, we have never had a white or part colour and never culled for colour – we don’t need to ... "

Knowing that there are multiple rough coat and tricolour carriers in her lines, doesn't her assertion appear to be rather interesting?

Seacop Safie
Seacop Safi

And finally, to help one get a better idea on whether these breeders appear to know what they are doing, study this typical pedigree. With all the "disqualifying faults" these dogs have, and doubling, tripling, and quadrupling going on... one should wonder! Info about Seacop Safi as well.


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