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Pedigree Analysis

Pedigree Of Seacop Safi
D.O.B: 29th July 1996
Colour: Fawn Black Mask
Breeder: Mrs P Broadhead
Owner: Miss J Illman

Seacop Safi

                  Kibirli Kabil (Yoruk X Safakn Of Kangal At Kamish)
             Seacop Raki San
                  Seacop Yosun (Seacop Gemici El-Torro X Konya Sevim)
         Seacop Yosun Tosun
                  Seacop Yolkuluk (Capar Of Anadol X Seacop Gemici)
              Seacop Seyer Sal
                  Seacop Yosun (Seacop Gemici El-Torro X Konya Sevim)	
    Seacop Karadeniz
              Babylon (Imp)
         Karabiber Alize Via Seacop
                  Kamish Miras (Marchael Felaket At Kamish X Safkan Of Kangal At Kamish)
              Seacop Ruzgar Of Karabiber
                  Seacop Kesmek (Seacop Yolkuluk X Seacop Tela-Tumlu)
Seacop Safi
                  Cengiz Of Kankardesh Of Masallah (Imp)
              Masallah Ali Joins Seacop
                  Chakal Of Deliktash At Masallah (Imp)
         Seacop Tuzak Deniz
                  Marchael Bahtiyar (Havali Oyna Bora X Kanjik Karpus Marchael)
              Seacop Doksan Derece
                  Seacop Yosun (Seacop Gemici El-Torro X Konya Sevim)
    Seacop Ziya
                  Seacop Subay (Capar Of Anadol X Konya Sevim)
              Kamish Mukavale By Seacop
                  Safkan Of Kangal At Kamish (Imp)
         Seacop Pruva
                  Seacop Korsan (Seacop Yolkuluk X Seacop Tela-Tumlu)
              Seacop Ringa
                  Seacop Sulu Mezar (Capar Of Anadol X Seacop Balina)

Seacop Safi
Pedigree Details

Kennel Club records give us the facility to breakdown and analyze generations of a pedigree as far back as it goes.

Here is an analysis on Safi over 11 generations. Readers might find the following interesting!!

The name of the dog is listed, and the number of times that it appears in the pedigree, and then, how many times it appears in which parent. I have only listed below dogs of any significance, which we know have been, and are 'controversial' dogs:

Numbers of inbred crossings
===========                 =====    =====      ====
Capar Of Anadol	             13       7           6
Gazi Of Bakirtollukoyu	      6       3           3
Sabahat Of Hayiroglukoyu      6       3           3
Korumak Musa                  4       2           2
Korumak Sultan                4       2           2
Korumak Tyana Of Anadol       4       2           2
Safkan Of Kangal At Kamish    3       2           1
Mektup Of Obruk From Hisar    2       1           1
Anadol Yali Of Hisar          2       1           1
Anadol Nimrud                 2       1           1
Havali Oyna Bora              2       1           1
Marchael Felaket At K.        1       1           0
Babylon                       1       1           0
Chakal Of Deliktash           1       0           1
Cenkiz Of Kankardesh          1       0           1
Safi's Sire - SEACOP KARADENIZ - d.o.b 04.06.95
Upto and including 1999, Karadeniz has sired 36 pups on 5 different bitches, progeny includes Sally Rich's show dog Karabiber Keskin Zekali of Muamma, Shelly Broadhead's show dog Seacop Bogazici JW, and Rosser/Owen's show dog Seacop Yalaz.
Safi's Dam - SEACOP ZIYA - d.o.b 15.12.94
Upto and including 1999, Ziya has had two litters totaling 11 pups, including Pat Broadhead's show dog Seacop Selamet.
Safi is a half sister to Bogazici, Keskin and Yalaz & Selamet, to name but a few. In her pedigree she has some of the most well known, and controversial dogs, including a good spattering of tricolour and rough coat. She is related to Peter and Ann Wells' Insallah dogs, Vernon and Dianne Miles' Kurtkir dogs, and Remzi Mustafa's Tuzla dogs & Natalka Czartoryska's Hisar dogs. She has blood from virtually all of the kennels in the UK, and certainly is not 'pure' Seacop.


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