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Dr. Malcolm B. Willis writes in one of his articles in Our Dogs:

" ...The ASD breed is a tall one, so that one would expect fairly high litter size. KC registrations do not support this view and there appear to be higher registrations from ASDC breeders than AKDC (Karabash) breeders. Exactly why this is so, is uncertain. Differential registration in a breed may be due to some breeders having poor prolifiacy in their bitches, or to indulging in greater selectivity about what is fit to register. Equally, breeders anxious to preserve certain features might deliberately cull pups not showing these features. One could find any non fawn/black mask pups being culled from fawn/black mask matings. If this did occur it would give the impression to anyone looking at KC registrations that fawn/black mask bred true to type, but if selective culling had occurred the observation would be inaccurate. All the genetic evidence suggests quite conclusively that fawn/black mask is not true breeding and that white markings are common in the ASDs..."

From Our Dogs, THE ANATOLIAN AFFAIR - a rebuttal of the KC statement, November 21, 1986


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